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Meet Karla

I can't describe myself as a mountain climbing, bungee-jumpin' kind of gal, but I would describe myself as adventuresome. I have found the biggest adventure is to live the life of my dreams. I encourage others to consider, "If failure wasn't an option, what would I do?" It's amazing what you can learn about yourself when doing what you really, really, really want to do. Creating Karla's Place has been a great experience allowing me to learn each day, show my creativity, listen to others' stories, and encourage others to be fearless. It's not what you "do" or the title that defines you, but what you are "doing" in your community and in your own life that makes for an exceptional life. I ask that you continue to support me with my dream of Karla's Place.
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Where to Find Us

We no longer have a storefront in downtown Holland, Michigan. However, there are still so many ways to get our amazing products!

Check out our Online Store!

Find us on Etsy!

Check out our booth at the Red Dresser in Traverse City!

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